Calling the kettle black

Posted by Moaning Mary on February 25, 2017 in Politics, World Affairs
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telling lies

You have to love Donald Trump.

He is one of the few men who can spout falsehoods every time he opens mouth, yet it is the mainstream media (like CNN, BBC, and the New York Times) that is fake news.

I guess Goebbels was right, tell a lie long enough, loud enough, and people will believe it.

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The Distractions vs The Policies

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meet the press Trump style

There was a good point on a talk show over at MSNBC.

The point was that basically the mainstream media was dropping the ball on reporting the “real news” by being obsessed by the falsehoods and distortions of the truth by President Trump and his spokespeople. Most notably Kelly Anne Conway, Sean Spicer.

Does it really matter if President Trump insists that his inauguration crowd was the largest ever?

Does it truly matter that he believes there was a terrorist attack in Bowling Green Kentucky or Sweden?

Isn’t it more important to know that he rolled back funding for planned parenthood?

Isn’t it more important to note that his aides may have been talking with a foreign adversary during the election?

While I agree those obvious lies and falsehoods should be reported on, I wonder if the bigger picture isn’t being sidelined?

mass deportations under way

Thousands of words have been written about the false claim that only those “bad types” are on the top of the deportation list, why isn’t the media telling us how many of those in custody, those already deported fit that White House?

Shouldn’t that be the news, not the false claim that there are many many rapists, murders, illegally in the USA?

How about reporting just exactly what the cost is going to be for all these mass deportations?

Where is the money going to come from for paying for thousands of more ICE and Border agents going to come from?

Should those points not be front and center in any discussion on the Trump immigration policy?

I get that print media only has so much space, television has only so much air time, but there is the Internet. These outlets, The Times, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC all have a web presence, where there really are no constraints. I can type out thousand word post or ten thousand word one, if so inclined, so it begs the question:

Why Isn’t mainstream media using the Internet more to get the news out?

In depth coverage of issues like Immigration, like repeal and replace of the Affordable Care Act, of cutting off funding for Planned Parenthood, of ending basic human rights for Transgender People getting their light, at least online?

Yes, it is important to highlight the falsehoods, but online you can easily still show both. My argument is, why should those “lies” be front and center when real issues that impart people s lives not be center stage?

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Keep America Safe

Posted by Moaning Mary on February 22, 2017 in Politics, World Affairs
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It is a good mantra that plays to the fear many USA citizens have, not to mention that it helps deflect from the real problems facing the United States, including the rise of bigotry and racism.

So how do you keep America safe and secure from bad forces?


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This is what Canada IS!

Posted by Moaning Mary on February 19, 2017 in The Daily Grind with Comments closed |
compassion over hate

Making asylum seekers feel safe That picture rather says it all, for me.

I grew up admiring the RCMP and while their reputation has been tarnished lately, there are still moments when you just have to feel the pride for them, and for our country.

If ever there was a clear difference between Canada and the United States, it is how we treat and deal with immigrants – we show COMPASSION, while the USA shows HATRED.

While President Trump and his Republican ass kisser’s look at ways to enhance their deportation of undocumented people, our Nation is looking at ways to help those who made the dangerous trek to what they hoped would be a new life, free of murder, free of Dictators, and free of war.

And yet, we are not perfect.

Even now, we have candidates for the Conservative Party spouting anti immigrant bull crap, simply to get votes from those who are easily frightened. Kelly Leitch and her utter nonsense of “Canadian Values testing” is one such distasteful policy.

Let us not forget Kevin O’Leary who is nothing but a showman, and frankly we can clearly see what happens when you elect a reality TV show host.

Like we need a Dictator wannabee?

The point is, Justin Trudeau needs to step forward, once more, and lead by example. He needs to commit resources to help these people who are so desperate, they will risk extreme weather to get away from the United States Dictator Trump and his utter racist policies.

For those who argue that we don’t need immigrants, that they steal our jobs, the simple truth is, WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS HERE, OTHER THAN OUR NATIVE CITIZENS.


All of us are immigrants, maybe not first or even third generation, but immigrants are what we were at some point in our history. And seeing our National Police help the new wave of potential immigrants come here, just makes me very proud to say


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New Era

Posted by Moaning Mary on February 16, 2017 in Politics
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Question :  When did a lie suddenly become the truth, and truth suddenly become fiction?

Answer :  When Donald Trump became President

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Who, What, Where, When, Why and How

Posted by Moaning Mary on February 13, 2017 in The Daily Grind with Comments closed |

When I was growing up, those were what any news report or story was supposed to answer. News meant informing the public about some event or occurrence but since the advent of social media, those basic questions rarely get a passing thought

After all, how can you answer those basic questions in 140 characters or less?

Most News Agencies use twitter to give us the news, and the USA has a President who spouts policy on twitter, without any details. It is his style to attack people, push his business interests, by a tweet, a mere 140 characters.

Damn I miss the days of real stories, that actually told me something. Not like it can’t even be more in depth either, given how you have no time restraints, publishing/printing costs when you use the internet.

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The End Game

Posted by Moaning Mary on November 16, 2016 in The Daily Grind with Comments closed |
keep tryiung or not

You know, the older I get, the more I start to think about the final end. I know, being 61 isn’t really old, but when you are a fat lazy slob like me with Diabetes, well, 61 seems like being on borrowed time.

Oh I know, it is up to me to drop the excess tonnage, to get the sugar levels under control, but for reason I just can’t seem to follow through ion what I know I should be doing.

I have more excuses of why I am not watching what I eat, and why I am not getting off my fat ass to at least walk a bit and get slowly into some sort of shape,, than there are stars in the sky.

Instead I just seem to wallow in self-pity,m waiting for the end. Before, I believed, thought there was something after one’s mortal life, but now, well, I just don’t know. It all just seems so, I don’t know, useless to hope for something that just is a mere thought, a mere useless hope.

Maybe, before it is too late, I might be able to figure this all out. though I ain’t holding out much hope, I suppose it is worth a try. Maybe talking about on a blog no one reads will help. Who knows, it is better than staring at some stupid screen watching a boring movie, or reading the news.

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Buying Auto Parts Online

Posted by Moaning Mary on August 11, 2016 in Business with Comments closed |
shopping online

I should have known better, but heck it is about saving money and the local distributors didn’t have the part we needed, or that we thought we needed.  Turns out we needed something totally different for our Passat, but hey, it is a trial & error thing.

So we ordered this part, from BuyAutoParts off of eBay and I have to say, they sure send a lot of emails, and the item did arrive on time.  Only problem is, it was defective.  Once installed it didn’t work, so off we went trouble shooting other potential causes, including a new fuel pump, new plug wires, new plugs, and finally, we tried some stupid sensor thingee.

Well that didn’t seem to work at first, until the Mechanic suggested we replace all the parts

Long story short, removing all new parts, it turns out that the coil pack we purchased online, was the culprit.

And now the fun begins, as they won’t refund money on a defective part, that we actually no longer need, but will warranty it.  Course first the “Mechanic” has to call them, to confirm it was properly installed, which most likely is going to cost money. I mean do you see some Mechanic willing to take time from his work to call and wait for some “customer service” rep to answer and go thru the hoops, to show it was properly installed, without their being a charge?

Then, we get a replacement part, but here is the $64 question.  How are we going to know it will work and isn’t also defective?  [ Why install it of course, but… ]

This is the “hidden cost” of buying online.  I suppose we could simply have waited for the replacement part, let the car continue to sit while waiting for the proper paperwork to first ship the defective part back, then have the new one shipped to us, but hey, the longer the car sits, the more it costs in wasted Insurance, less we can enjoy the car  too. [ Hey it has air conditioning and its finally warmed up here ]

Now I do understand the need to insure the part was properly installed, but what I do not buy is that we shouldn’t receive our money back, once that is proved.  Nor do I quite buy the policy that when something is installed, well, no money back.

So if I buy a pair of pants, they are my size (so the tag says) and I come home, try them on and find they are not the right size, despite the tag, does that mean I can’t get my money back?  Uh no, I sure as hell can, because I have had that happen.

Plus, well I know that I will not order from this outfit again, no matter how much cheaper it is, or even if they are the only outfit around that has the part, in stock.  I will buy it from the local distributor, and pay more, just so I can get my money back if it’s a piece of junk.

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Spring At Last or is it Summer?

Posted by Moaning Mary on April 21, 2016 in Being a Sookite, The Daily Grind with Comments closed |
soaking up some sun

You know I kind of feel sorry for the folks over on the east of Canada, like those in NL who got over 40cm of snow the other day. I mean, here I am sitting outside in shirt sleeves, sun glasses on, and a fan blowing as I watch the leaves sprout on our Grace Smoke Tree, the Lilacs blooming and a whole slew of other flowers starting to sprout.

Like our Sweet Williams, or the lovely white flowers on our red cherry bush, not to mention the colors of our Painted Japanese Fern, and over in NL they are shoveling like crazy.

Life sure is a bitch at times, but you know, it is also rather nice too.  The sun feels so nice, on the bare arms, the warm breeze making it all seem, well like Old Man Winter has departed.  Guess he is doing a layover in NL though.

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