Shades of George Bush

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sam-4Remember that famous line of President George W Bush, when he was gearing up to invade Iraq? The either you are with us or you aren’t line?  Well looks like his student, has learned well and now is on the rampage against the Russian President.  Like really, just what we need is another bully on the world stage.

Frankly, Prime Minister Harper needs to realize that Canada is not a World player, as much as he would like us to be one. Maybe when Jean Chretien was Prime Minister, or Pierre Trudeau, but certainly not since. Paul Martin began the decline, but it is quickly growing, with the stewardship of Stephen Harper.

Syria is not a Nation we can honestly hold up to the light, as being clean, but then can we be held up to that same scrutiny?

But does anyone know who the opposition is? Can anyone truthfully say if they would do things any different, if they were to replace the current regime in Damascus?  Like the Egyptia military did when it overthrow their elected President, or like those fearsome freedom fighters in Libya did, once we help them seize power from another Dictator.

After all, there are no more real riots in Cairo, because well, the protesters are in jail. And in Librya, well the Ghaddfi supporters are silent, mainly murdered in mass graves, so yep, they did bring about reform, thanks to the Western Leaders, Stephen Harper one of them.



There is no doubt that Syria is a Dictatorship, but given how our own Government is spying on its citizens, what the hell is the difference between them and us?  Okay we don’t throw citizens into jail without due process, oh wait.  We do if they are suspected of being Terrorists, even if that suspicion is due to a magazine subscription.  Hmm, so maybe the difference is we dont torture those in custody, oh wait, we do accept statements from persons who have been tortured, just as long as we don’t do the deed ourselves.

Like how does all that make us any different than Syria and the other Dictatorship nations out there?  Oh we hold free elections, to choose our Dictator.

Well, if you ignore the robocalls and all the other shenanigans the Conservatives have used to gain their Majority, like putting Parliament on hold despite an economic crisis, and in stacking the Senate with their own, who not only prevent free and open dialogue in the last open chamber of our Democracy, but who also file false expenses, just so they can live higher off the hog, than they already do.

I don’t like what is happening in many of those countries, but where is Mr Harper on Darfur? The Congo? Don’t see him blasting China for their support of the renegades that control the Congo, but now he wants to attack the Russians?  There are serious questions about the type of people, that control the opposition, and shouldnt we find out just what, and who they are, before we start supporting them, without reservations?


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