Justin, If You Want Your Ear Bent

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Then forget the $5 donation needed for an entry to win a one on one meeting. I’ll gladly have you over for a nice barbeque, and the Wife and I will happily tell you exactly what we think. And I don’t mean rants about Stephen Harper either, because, well, who doesn’t know those already.

I like the idea of meeting and talking one on one with our Leaders, whether they get elected or not.  Thing is, it always seems to cost us money to do, and then rarely is it one on one.

Truth is Mr Trudeau, we shouldn’t need to donate for a chance to discuss with a possible Prime Minister, what is important to us. I can see how it would be hard, for the actual Prime Minister to meet with a few people, assuming Mr Harper can find any who would want to explain how they feel to him, but you on the other hand. Well, you are in third place (least for now) so it should be easier.

Besides, isn’t it those who aren’t supporter of the Liberal Party, that you should be engaging, talking to, so that you can convince them they should become supporters? After all, it is those people who abandoned the Liberal Party, going to Stephen Harper, to the NDP, and yes, even to the Green Party.

So here is the deal, you want to hear what I think, I’ll gladly spring for some hamburger, buns, and all the fixings, and even do the cooking myself, right out on our balcony, and let you know what I think is wrong, and what is right.  You might be surprised, because you know, I think my Ninety Six year old Mother would have a few choice words to say as well, about what has changed since she was just a wee girl, and voted in her first ever election some Seventy Five years ago.

Heck bring a few of your own friends, advisors with you, and I’ll throw a few extra home-made burgers on the barbie for them too. I’ll even spring for some Soda if you would like.

Thing is Mr Trudeau, we are the silent majority, the one’s who may not contribute cash to a Political Party, who are not aligned to one party over another, simply because, well we don’t feel like anyone listens to us. Elizabeth May was a bit of fresh air, in that she engaged people here, and while she isn’t my MP, I rather like how she has turned the Green Party around, and made it more engaging.

Something I will say, that you are doing as well. But seriously, forget the need to donate cash, come have a barbecue on our balcony and let us explain why we think we need changes, in how our Leaders behave. Let me explain why Health Care isn’t about making a profit, or how special interest groups should have a backseat in our decision-making process.

Let me tell you about why we need a Prime Minister who will DEFEND THE PEOPLE, and not the Corporate Profit LIne.

Let us talk about what it means to actually be accountable, to actually stop the word games and stand up for what is real. Let us discuss whether we need a Senate, or whether or not we should simply make the rules stronger, so that those appointed, actually do the work they were appointed to do.

Let’s discuss the real economy, about how it is better to put money into the hands of those who need it, not in the pockets of those who have way too much. Let us talk about why Roosevelt’s New Deal worked, and why Corporate & Personal Tax cuts are meaningless, when you don’t earn enough to qualify.

If you want to do that, well hey, I do make a mean hamburger.

Now if you really want to have people flock to your banner, how about just simply going around, walking in on people, talking to them off the cuff, and forget about asking them to donate. If you can sell us on your sincerity, your honesty and willingness to be accountable, well the donations will come on their own. You won’t need to ask.

Thing is Mr Trudeau, people who are willing to donate to you, are already sold on you and the Liberal Party. So how about talking to those who aren’t sure yet, who have doubts, have questions? After all, isn’t that how you actually build your base, one person at a time?

Besides, if a person is convinced already, is making donations, you can’t keep going back to them, so why not broaden the base, so that your revenue stream is larger?  And you can’t do that by convincing the already convinced. So come meet with those who haven’t contributed to you, to the Liberal Party. Come meet with those of us, who need convincing, and who knows, you actually might get me prying open my wallet.

So how about it Justin, want a home cooked barbecue in Victoria?

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