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Posted by Moaning Mary on January 17, 2014 in Recreation, World Affairs |
Putin Targets Gays


The gall of the man is actually quite amazing. Vladimir Putin, Russia’s Dictator, has gone to Sochi to tell Gays that they are welcome, but to just leave the children alone. Like, give me a damn break.  Being Gay is not an automatic desire for young male children anymore than being Heterosexual is an automatic desire for young female children.

Pedophiles target children, and they come in all shapes, sexual orientations, race, color, creed, and religion. That is a simple fact, but Russia has moved further into the realm of Dictatorship with Putin and his never ending thirst to hold onto power.

Being Gay is not a choice, it is a part of who many are. It is like telling someone of color, that they selected their skin color. It simply isn’t how it goes, and yet the World continues to bask in its own fear of something it simply does not understand.

Freedom is under attack, whether it is disguised as protecting us from the evil of Terrorists, to providing security for the innocent child. Truth is, the restriction of a person’s freedom, of their basic human rights, is not protecting anyone, but slowly eliminating Freedom.  People are Gay, by a fact of Nature.



The sudden surge in many Countries to outlaw Homosexuality, is simply a means by which to further control their populations, for Dictators to hold onto power. Fact is, this is what HItler did in the 30’s and it led to a World War. Russia’s anti gay laws is nothing more than a Dictator trying to hold onto power, at the cost of Freedom for a minority.

Who will be next, as Putin consolidates his power, eliminating opposition to his murderous rule?  And yet the Olympics, a symbol of youthful prowess, willingly has embraced the Russian Dictator, by refusing to stand up against his ruthlessness, and allowed the Olympics to continue.

I am sorry, but while I get that these Athletes have trained hard for their shining moment in the spotlight, sometimes one has to pay a price, for doing what is simply right. IF we truly believe in the spirit of the Olympics, then we should not have allowed Russia to host this year’s event. Even if that meant cancelling it.

The reality is, that even if the Athletes did want to cancel the Olympics, it wouldn’t happen, because the Corporate Interests won’t allow it. It is no longer about the purity of an athlete, but about the money, about how much of a product can be sold.  It is the worst of humanity, not the best anymore. It is about GREED.



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