Is Anything Truly Safe

Posted by Moaning Mary on February 6, 2014 in Health Care |
Subway bread using chemicals in its bread
What is in our Food

Is our Food Safe?

I do like to read the odd news article in the CBC Online site, under Health, and to be honest, it is becoming a bit scary to read some of the articles.

Like is anything really safe to eat anymore?

From supposed “Organic” foods to even drinking Grapefruit juice at breakfast, it seems there is a huge risk involved, under certain conditions.

Like Grapefruit juice (see this CBC story) that can cause prescription medications to suddenly become Toxic Doses, instead of regulated doses.

Then there is the story about Subway Sandwhiches, that got me nervous. I do like my assorted cold cut trio from there, but now it seems that they put a chemical in with the bread, to help make it easier to knead, to rise, or some such nonsense. (Read the CBC article here)

Honestly, a person has to wonder, just what good is CIFA if all this stuff flies in under their radar. Then too, is it a real issue, because it only ‘may’ cause those conditions. Granted, the European Union seems to be erring on the side of caution, but what is disturbing is that Subway agreed to conform to their concerns, while continuing to use the chemical in its North American operations.

[blockquote]If a company is NOT allowed to use an ingredient in one country, because that Country deems it harmful, how can that same Company use it in other Countries?[/blockquote]

Why is it, that some Companies claim to be “responsible corporate citizens” in places like Canada, the United States, but in other Nations, they use chemicals and ingredients that are banned where they are labelled as “responsible corporate citizens”.

If the EU banned the chemical, why is Subway using it in Canada and the United States?  If it is bad for the EU people, how can it be okay for us?



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