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Justin TrudeauI got me a phone call yesterday, from the Liberal Party no less.  Now, I am leaning towards Justin Trudeau and the Liberals, but I need convincing, a whole lot of convincing but I wonder if the Political Parties aren’t missing this golden chance. Not just with me, for my one measly vote, but for all of us who are not decided, or committed yet?

For example, my inbox is stuffed with emails from all four political parties, telling me not much, but how desperate they all need my support, financially and I guess, with a vote.  Funny, they don’t really come out and ask for a person’s Vote, but boy do they harp on the need for money.

And like I told the guy who phone last night, the selling point of getting 70% back of my donation, is bogus.

Sure, if I donate $10, I get a nice “Tax Credit” of $7, but you know, for it to mean anything, a guy needs to make enough money, that he might either:

1. Lower his/her tax due

2. Add to a refund

Let’s face it, if I am in a tax bracket, where donating to any political party will impact my bottom line, I sure as hell won’t be giving a paltry $3.  I’d be giving more, but see, that would scare us poor folks off, it would make it seem like we can’t actually make a difference, which in truth, we can’t. Not with a donation of $3, yet that is what they all ask for.  Well, other than the blue blooded Conservative. They do ask for more, as a minimum, but the other three, have all made requests for just $3.

Okay, I am rambling a bit here, but the thing is, when the guy called, the patter simply wasn’t good enough. I am not voting for the Harper Regime, unless they made me a Billionaire, then I might consider it.  Thing is, when you are calling potential supporters, voters, you need to know your stuff, and you need to be able to adapt.

If I answer with Yes, I am not voting for the Harper gang, you need to convince me why I should vote for your party. Just because I signed a petition does not mean I am going to give you my vote on Election day, so you need to cement that relationship, and going off your script, won’t help.

Now I am not dumb, I know that all callers, use a script, but folks, you need to ensure your callers (mostly volunteers too) have to be able to adapt when they are taken off script, which I did. By voicing my concern regarding the phony tax credit for donation, don’t stammer, don’t try to go back onto script.

Tell me you can see the point, or not, and that you will gladly pass it on, to your superiors.  Hey, that alone helps make the other person think they count, and that helps. Maybe it will loosen up the wallet, maybe not, but ignoring the remark, sounding confused about what to say, certainly keeps the wallet closed.

Maybe I am just old and cranky, but you know, I wish that the Political Parties would start acting like us individual people, really do count, that it isn’t some stupid sound bite for the media. You really do get more donations, if you make the donor feel like their $3 helps.  Forget the stupid tax credit Bullshit, tell me how every dollar gets to be spent, to do specific things, like goes toward a sign for the lawn, helps add up to pay for radio air time, or to mail out brochures.  Get the person on the other line, feeling like their hard-earned cash will actually accomplish something, or go towards accomplishing something.

The emails I get, from all parties, only the Liberals really seem to get that, but they need to convey that same connection, when they call. They need to train volunteers to listen, to be upbeat, to sound serious and most of all, that what I say to them, gets passed on.  That is the first step to prying open my wallet.

Engaging the caller, asking them for their opinion, is a great way to get a connection going. The petitions work in making it easier to know who to contact, but seriously, you need to develop it further. You can’t just expect that one’s disgust for the ruling regime, will be enough to sway me, on election day. Specially when that day is far off.

Ask me, what I am worried about, ask me about what I’d like to see your Party do.  Take notes, to pass on, because you know, each phone call you make, is a poll of its own. You are calling a lot of people, asking for money, so get some information along the way, to help formulate your policies, your strategies.

It also gives your party an idea of what is on the minds of people, in various regions, so you can actually tailor your future fund-raising calls, to maybe, well, actually get that person to open up the wallet.

Sounds like a lot of work for a piddly $3, but you know, it can add up.

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