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thumbs-downYou know, it used to be, that when you were looking for office products, places like Staples were high on the list of businesses to visit.  So when I decided to finally splurge and get myself a proper computer for my home office, I searched online, and took the extra step of actually visiting some stores.

Hey, I wanted to see the product, to make sure it was not some cheap crap that couldn’t handle a lamp, never mind a 32″ monitor.  And I sure did find a beauty at Staples too.  Unfortunately, that was about the only good thing that happened in my quest to buy a computer desk.

It isn’t like either of the Staples stores in my area, are close. One is in Langford/Colwood, the other in downtown Victoria. We happen to live in Sooke, so just going to the Langford store is a good 30 to 40 minute drive. Add another 15 to 25 minutes to go to the one on Tolmie in Victoria, so you can see, who wants to make several journeys, to simply purchase a simple computer desk.  Plus, who wants to not just waste the time, but spend the money for gas.

Anyhow, on a Saturday we went to Langford, and found the desk we wanted.  All is good, to that point, then I should have realized, this was going to be a total clusterf*ck.  A sales person came up, asked how I was, and before I could say another word, he disappeared.  I mean I am standing there looking at a desk, checking it out, and all he could do was ask how I was, and then leave?

It rather ticked me off and we started to walk away when another sales person came up to me, asking if she could help. Course I was in the laptop section now, and had stopped to check out the new Toshiba laptop. ( I have an older version, that I love ) and so I told her, I was looking at a desk, but no one seemed to be interested in helping.

She offered to help, and so we went back and she got me the particulars, telling me it could be delivered to our home, in Sooke, within one business day. She’d have to get it from the warehouse, as they had none in stock, but we’d have it by Tuesday.

Sounds good, right? Well I wanted to check the space and if the desk would fit, so told her we’d be back Sunday. She even gave me her card, and off we went, with product number, sizes, and thought well come Tuesday we’d have a new computer desk.

On Sunday the nightmare arrived.  New sales person, who we had to interrupt from a phone call, told us that he didn’t have any, and that, well neither did the warehouse. However the Tolmie store had 3 of them, so off we went, in the typical West Coast weather of rain and clouds, to get it at Tolmie.

Again, try to find someone to help you was next to impossible. The place was busy, so I can understand that, though as sales staff went buzzing by, no one bothered to stop and ask if we needed help.  Plus, we say the desk on display, and were stunned at how poorly it had been assembled and placed for sale. None of the bolts were tightened, the back straps, or supports, were broken. I mean if I’d seen that at the other store, I most likely would have looked for another desk.

Anyhow, we snagged a sales guy, who went to get us the desk, from the back.  After some time he returned, saying they had none in stock. Upon telling him that the Langford store said they had 3, he said, well it would show 3, but that would be because of returns, damage, and the system doesn’t account for that.

Say that again?  If something isn’t available for sale, why is showing in the inventory list of items available?

Back to Langford we went, pissed and oh, for the record, the Tolmie guy didn’t even offer to check other stores, or the main warehouse for stock. He just said, sorry can’t help and went on his way.

At Langford, another sales person was in the furniture department. The one who helped us was in the computer area, helping someone, and so we went into the routine, explaining we had just come back from Tolmie, after being sent there by his buddy and that the store there didn’t have any, despite his buddy telling us they did.  He said he’d phone to see, but that it would be difficult, as well, the other store rarely picks up the phone.

EXCUSE ME?  Why have a store phone number, if you aren’t going to answer it?  Mind you, I had tried calling the Langford store as well, and got no response, other than  “Our Associates are busy helping customers in the store, please call back later”

Like seriously, with all that is available today, they couldn’t have the call go to some messaging program, that takes your name, number, so they can call you back?  I mean this is a store that sells computers, sells software, sells technology, but their own phone system isn’t set up to take messages for callback?

Anyways, this guy then tries the warehouse, says that they are out, gives up on trying Tolmie, then decides to try calling the Duncan store, who shows having 3 in stock as well.  Seems Duncan answers its phone, as he talked to a guy, who went to verify that they did have that desk in stock, not that it was returns.  Course in the discussion, this guy mentions how the desk I have selected, is one of their most popular models, that there is one scheduled to arrive Monday or Tuesday, with another 3 due to arrive sometime within the week. The warehouse should have its stock within a week. I could pre pay so that when they got one in, it would be mine, which I was fine with, if the Duncan store didn’t have any.

Well they did, so our fourth sales person went to see how he could get it from Duncan to his store, so either they could deliver it to us in Sooke, or we could pick it up. After all, they do have a truck going up and back but it would take him a few minutes.  So we waited, knowing that either we’d have it from Duncan or from the warehouse early in the week.

WRONG!   Seems that somehow, it was not simple to get the desk shipped from Staples in Duncan to Staples in Langford. And suddenly, prepaying was off the table, as they expected their inventory in during the week, so I should call them Monday, to find out when, and make arrangements to get it. Or I could order it online, even though the website said it was out of stock, and one couldn’t order it.

Monday comes, and I make my two attempts to call Staples Langford. Such a lovely phone system, so on the third attempt, I go back to the main menu, try a different department, and get through. I go into the details, and am told that they don’t have any, not sure when they will, but I can order it online. Uh, hello, your online website no longer lists the desk, and when I enter the product code, it shows up as being out of stock, but I can check on where to pick one up. No option to order.

She then tells me, she will take my name, number and check and get back to me, on when one will be available. I mean its sort of step forward, right?

Fifteen minutes later she calls back, saying they have 3 in stock. She will put one aside for me if I want, which I did. Told her we’d be down to pick it up about 8. She told us to go to the front desk, as she would put it aside with my name on it, so there would be no mistake.

Now if only she had actually done that, this saga would be over.  However, when we got to Staples, no one had a clue what I was talking about, the cashier went searching, the store manager made herself busy, the other sales person buried his head in paperwork, while the search was on.

She was unable to find it, but well they had 3 in stock back. Would I want one of those?  I mean, seriously, you have to ask?  And off she went to go get it, and we waited, waited, and waited till finally the other cashier, went to see what was going on, though the excuse was to see if she needed help in bringing it out

And at last there it was, on a dolly and before we could even sigh, she had it propped up by the sales counter, and was asking how we were going to pay for it?  Now that, went through like greased lightning, and finally we were able to take possession of the elusive, most popular computer desk, and without any further assistance, we rolled it out to our vehicle, borrowing the dolly.

We were just about to put it into the back of our truck, when the sales guy appeared, seeing if we need any help.  Uh, yeah, like that is why he was there, he was there to make sure we didn’t run off with their dolly.

Now I do have to say, I love the desk, but as to buying from Staples, well I wouldn’t step foot into their stores, or order a thing from them online, even if it is for a paperclip.

This simply is NOT how you do business. And is it any wonder why big outfits are going under? If you can’t provide proper customer service, why should I ever buy anything from them?

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