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charging the poor for health care

You know, if you require Premium Assistance for your BC Medial Services fee, that you have to meet their requirement of Income.  They charge a flat fee of $72 per month, if you have a net income of $30,000.00 a year.   If you earn less, well you pay less, course if you earn a ton more, you still only pay the flat $72 a month.

Isn’t that fair? I mean if you are say the head of VIHA, earning a half a million dollars of taxpayer money, your BC Med premium is only $72 a month, if you are single. Course if you are a family of three, well you pay $144.00 per month, because that is what anyone earning $30,000.00 a year has to pay.

monthly fee schedule for BC Medical Services

Nice for those who are rich, sucks though if you are poor, but hey, it gets better.

Net Income according to BC Medical Services is not what most people think, or what most financial institutes think either. After all, BC Med is run by the Christie Clark Liberals.


It is an interesting definition, because it uses the Federal Government definition when trying to calculate your taxes, from all of your income.  Check out the form, they refer to it as Net Taxable Income.  Which makes sense. I mean if you have two jobs (like these days, don’t most of us need two jobs to live?) well you have to add those gross income amounts to give you one amount, that is subject to taxes.


Gross Income

what gross income means

Now according to these guys(Financial Dictionary), my definition of what “gross income” means, is the same. Too bad no one bothered to let BC Medical Services know about this site, and just what terms really mean, in the real world.

Course that isn’t what BC Medical calls it, when they assess what your monthly premium is.  They say your premium is based on your “Adjusted Net Income” which makes it sound good because well, “Net Income” (to me) is the amount earned, after the Government gets its greedy share of what I worked hard for.

what net income means

If you read that, according to the Financial Dictionary, your Net Income is arrived at deducting your taxes paid, or charged, from your Gross Income.  Makes sense, right?

So how come BC Med disagrees, and instead uses the amount you earned in total BEFORE TAXES as Net Income?

Maybe I am just old-fashioned, too old to really know how things are today, but at 59, I don’t think I am totally senile just yet. I started working with Mom & Dad, when I was just eleven years old, and have worked since. I spent the last ten years of my life, caring for my Mom, after Dad’s death, and I can tell you quite honestly.


What galls me, is that those who make up these guidelines, are those who can afford to actually pay for more, per month, than most of. Plus, it isn’t like we have a choice. If you live in British Columbia, you are REQUIRED to enroll in BC Medical Services.

no opt out of BC Med allowed

You know, Physicians can OPT OUT of our Health Care system, and can actually require US to pay their fees, though they do have to provide us with a form, to send in to get paid back for what BCMed covers.  I mean they get a choice on whether to be a part of the system, BUT WE WHO PAY FOR THE HEALTH CARE, DON’T HAVE THAT OPTION.

Andrew Weaver, Green Party MLA for Oak Bay/Gordon Head is trying to have this fee eliminated, which is a good idea. I mean, seriously the least who can afford the fees, are the ones who pay the bulk of the fees.  Not only that, but while there are lower fees, for those really financially challenged, there is no graduating scale to ensure that those who can MOST afford a monthly fee, pay one.

Nor is there any distinction as to whether you are single, a family of two, or a family of three or more.  The schedule is based on the same income level.  Seriously, there aren’t many in this Province where they aren’t two income families, so for them getting any assistance, is well, PIE IN THE SKY.

Perhaps I am senile, I was taught to believe in Government, because it was there to “serve the people” but somehow I just don’t see that being the case anymore. I mean we can spend millions to upgrade a computer system for BC Med, even make a name change, (imagine what that cost for new stationary and forms) but we can’t afford to let the low income earners get a break on their fees for health care.

It is rather strange too, that it takes an Independent MLA to come up with the balls to try to actually help the common people. Makes you wonder where the NDP is on all this, but I guess they are too busy trying to figure out how they can lose the next provincial election to the BC Liberals.









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