Are we better off now, than ten years ago?

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food costs a lot more today

The Choices



Sometime this year, the Harper Gang will be calling a federal election, so perhaps now is a good time, to think back to ten years ago, and ask ourselves:  “Are we better off today, than we were before Stephen Harper became our Prime Minister?”

Maybe if you are the lucky FEW, who are in the upper echelons of income, maybe to you it feels like things are better. After all, you are the recipients of all those tax breaks, credits.  Course, a lot of you no longer are earning all those big paychecks, simply because your jobs have been outsourced to foreign lands.

IF you were in the upper brackets of income, maybe your business is now headquartered in some strange third world country, but not to fear, after all you still have the Corporate Jet, and lets face it, those tax cuts for travel expenses have to be worth an extra trip or two per month, right?

On the other hand, if you are truly part of the Middle Class, then maybe you might see things a wee bit differently. I know, I used to dream about being in those higher income brackets, but that hope seems to be fading, with each passing year of having a Harper Government in place.  Nor do I feel any safer in my own bed, than I did ten years ago, despite our Armed Forces now actively involved in foreign wars.

Not peace keeping, but in actual combat situations.

Course while they are off fighting in places like Iraq and Syria, battling those terrorists, their families are collecting food stamps, just to survive.  Nice way of showing appreciation, isn’t it?  But hey, least we are buying hundred plus million dollar jets, to help the American Economy.



While I totally disagree with the foreign policy of the Harper Regime, when it comes time to Vote, it is how my life is going, that matters the most to me, not what is happening thousands of miles away in Iraq or Syria. No matter how much I dislike the violence there, it is what is happening on my own doorstep that has me frightened, if we elect another term for this crop of Conservatives.

I remember paying less than $4 for a four litre jug of Milk, not nearly $6 like today.,  I remember paying less than $1.23 per litre of gas at the pumps, and I also remember paying a lot less than $5 for a pound of hamburger.  I also remember, that when it came time to balance the old budget, we had money left, and my other half earned about $4 an hour less than he does now.

Yet we managed to put money aside, not a lot, but at least some. I know we could choose our own Doctor, and that while medication wasn’t cheap, it certainly was affordable on what David and I earned.  We had a roof over our head, and maybe it wasnt the best rental house, but it had lots of room to spare. We could afford to go out for fast food, more than once every two weeks.  Two for One pizza was a lot less than $45 for large, and you know, even the MacDonald’s value deals, had a lot more to them, for under a buck, than today’s value deals at $2.19.

Funny isn’t it, but today we live from paycheck to paycheck, even though David earns over $4 more per hour, and I earn money too.  So maybe you tell me, am I better off ten years later under the astute leadership of Stephen Harper?



hard to eat what you want without big money



There was a time, when I could actually afford to buy Halibut filets, that were caught here in BC.  Now, even that is a pipe dream, unless David walks to work, some 45km away.  Sure he could take the bus, but uh, that too is now around $5 each way.  Hey, why not work an extra half hour just so you can get to and from work? (Assuming you earned minimum wage)

I listen to Justin Trudeau, to Tom Mulcair, and Elizabeth May and I wonder, when was the last time they had to balance a family budget, earning just under $20 an hour?  When did any of them, including our illustrious leader Stephen Harper, have to choose between paying the electric bill, or buying medicine for an aging parent?



Grocery shopping today isn’t about choosing what groceries are best for us, but what is affordable. Thanks to the gutting of CIFA, (by Stephen Harper) least we can pay less for expired foods, which we never could do, ten years ago. Course back then who heard about recalls for this cheese, this meat, this canned good, but hey, that is the price of progress, under the Conservative mantra of letting Business Self Regulate.

You know, back in the sixties, My dad was the sole income earner. Yet we managed to save enough to buy a home, to let Mom stay at home and raise me. We managed to go on actual vacations, without having to mortgage our souls to pay for the gas. And yet back then, minimum wage was like $2 and something, and oh yeah, there was no National Health System either.

Funny, how when they talk numbers, they use the term  ‘on todays dollar value’ and claim that inflation is like under 2% and yet all I know is that a package of all beef hotdogs, is $6, and for ten not twelve dogs. I know that chicken breast, bone in, is over $5 a pound, when we used to buy it ten years ago for $1.80.  I know that drumsticks were  69 cents a pound, not $3 a pound.



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