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Perpetrating Fraud on the Consumer

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I have enjoyed my Hewlett Packard computer since I got it back in December of 2014, and I use it for business. So back in October of 2015 the HP Assistant program began to notify me that my warranty was about to expire (Dec 2014) and finally in November, they gave me an offer, I thought I couldn’t refuse.

It offered a Two Year warranty extension, for $90 plus a promo code that would give me a 30% discount. Being a tight wad, I figured okay, 2 years of hassle free service (should I need it) for roughly $30 a year was a good deal.

Hewlitt Packard misleading extending warranties

I clicked on the pop up from the HP Assistant, went to the shop, that had the qty entered, the price and then space to enter the promo code. I did that, and proceeded to checkout, entering all it needed and there it was, I was now safe for another two years, for a reasonable price.  Right?


It turns out, that for starters, the program never entered the 30% discount, and in the HP Assistant, it showed my warranty had been extended for only 1 Year, not the Two (2) years it offered.

I entered into the support nightmare, and finally found a page where I could dispute the warranty date showing. It said too, that I would hear back within One (1) business day the result of my dispute.  NADA!  So much for that avenue of support. (Never did get a reply either).

Next up was to contact their live chat feature, where I was told that my “extended” warranty was applied, but that it began when I purchased the Computer.  In other words, a year earlier, so yes, the date showing was correct. My EXTENDED Warranty, that was for 2 years, suddenly shrunk to being valid for One (1) Year.

After a lengthy talk, I was told that someone would contact me within 24 to 48 hours, to discuss a refund, after I said that I would CHARGEBACK the purchase. Only when mentioning that magic word, did the subject of a refund even come up from the live chat rep.

Amazing isn’t it?  So the process continued until today, when lo and behold I did get a callback, course not at the convenient time, that had been set up.

This time I was told that really, there was nothing amiss, that I had purchased an “Extended Warranty” that clearly began the date I purchased the computer.  Again, using that magic word “Chargeback” got me to talking to a customer associate, who once again parotted the corporate line, but did say that she would authorize a refund. (Again, after use of that magic word) and then she begins the litany of how it goes.

  1. An email is sent, informing they are deactivating the warranty, and when that is confirmed, then they will initiate a refund to my credit card.
  2. Once the deactivation has been confirmed, they will then initiate the refund, within 24 to 48 Business Hours. (Did you catch that? Hours, not Days)

In other words, if they were open 10 hours a day, they are saying that within 2½ days to 5 days they will start the process to refund my card with the funds.  Seriously, they said “Business Hours” and when I commented on that, she said well they are open for long hours each “business” day.

If this is what Hewlett Packard calls “Customer Service”, well they can Kiss my ‘you know what’ as it really isn’t. First they misrepresent their “extended warranty” feature, then hassle the customer who is complains with links to pages on their website and how it is all clearly stated.  BULL!

I began in business, at the tender age of 11 years old, helping in the family store, and here I am now, fifty years later, and I shake my head. How can any business expect customer loyalty or support, with tactics like the one’s Hewlitt Packard are using?

It is like my anti-virus program, that provides you with one year of updates, when you buy the program. Then the coming year, they tell you that your renewal is $50 but if you pay $75 you can get Two Years of Updates, only that first year is the one that has gone. I mean seriously, talk about ripping off the consumer.  I know I bought a two-year upgrade for a program, and well, the expiry date of that program is dated TWO YEARS FROM NOW.  It didn’t go back to when I first bought the program, it ADDED THE TWO YEARS.

However, that isn’t what Hewlitt Packard does.  IT charges you for two years, but only delivers ONE YEAR.

I don’t know how they can get away with it, or how they even exist today, but then times have indeed changed since I was first introduced to selling to the general public.  Course back then, my Mom and Dad told me, the customer is King, you do your best to make them happy.

Man, how business evolved and changed, and you know, it isn’t for the better.

[hero heading=”Hewlett Packard Extended Warranty” tagline=”Consumer rip off”]Using its own software package, included with their Computers, Hewlitt Packard perpetrates a fraud on the Consumer, by offering an extended coverage to the warranty, as it is nearing expiry, but is in fact a retroactive warranty, not an Extended one.

For Shame on Hewlett Packard[/hero]


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