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poorly made subLast night (Jan 14/16), opted to grab us a subway delight, rather than cooking.

Man was that a mistake

Subway Foot Long subs aren’t as cheap as the MacDonalds cheap burger ($1.99) and well, for the price they charge, it should be done the way you like, not how the so-called server wants to do it.

Neither of us like a salad in our Sandwich, but David nearly got one, before he caught her on it, and the response was “it’s the default” which is kind of bogus. I mean why bother to ask what garnishes you want, if you are going to ignore those requests?

Sure she ‘wiped the lettuce’ off, but honestly, that is rather annoying. Then when it comes to adding mayonnaise, well did you know that the default for that is “Light mayonnaise”?  I sure didn’t know that.

Nor did she remove it, after all, no one specified ‘regular mayonnaise’ on their request.

Oh it gets better too!

I asked for double meat on mine, which is a bit more filling, and unlike how it’s always been, I got mine stacked on both sides of the bun, the garnishes then dumped in between, including the bacon. Fortunately I didn’t get any lettuce or else there would have been no way to close the sandwich.

I have no idea if I got “light” or “regular” mayo, but boy talk about skimpy garnishes.

If I didn’t see her put onions on, and pickles, I would have never known they were on the sandwich. Though I should have asked for more, I was distracted at the time, talking to David.

Then closed went the foot long, with meat on both sides of the bread, all the garnishes (pickles, onions, bacon, mayo, pepper, parmesan cheese, swiss cheese slices, and pepper) wedged in between.

Now I don’t know about you, but to me a sandwich is layered.

  1. Bottom of bun
  2. Filling (meat, chicken, whatever)
  3. Bacon
  4. Garnishes (pickles, onions, etc)
  5. mayonnaise and other ‘dressings’ if applicable
  6. Top of bun

Sure ain’t what the 11 year Subway Sandwich Artist gave me.  And frankly, I had to put more mayonnaise on it, when I got home, as the sandwich was just way too dry.  After all, all the garnishes and dressing was stuck in the middle of the whole thing.

All I know is that we paid $25 for our two foot long sandwiches, and neither of us enjoyed them one bit. It was dinner, and we couldn’t be arsed to go back, though in hindsight, we should have refused to accept the two sandwiches.  They were not done “our way” or even close.

But if you don’t know what the default is, such as in mayonnaise, how are you expected to ask for the right one?  Plus, well when did “light” become a default? All the other times we ordered our subs, the default was “regular” which makes me wonder:

Who was doing it wrong?

All them other people, or the so-called 11 year veteran?

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