The Netflix Crackdown on Cross Border Viewing

Posted by Moaning Mary on February 10, 2016 in Business, Recreation |
crackdown on illegal viewing

It has been in the news lately, on how Netflix is cracking down on its subscribers who use VPN networks, to get around the border barriers, that prevent the full Netflix catalogue of shows and movies from being seen in certain countries, like Canada.  I get the reason too, I mean the producers only give certain licenses, based on countries where their product is viewed.

Bottom line, it is about those content providers, wanting a larger share of the pie if their stuff is seen in Australia, or Canada, or the UK, or anywhere but in the good old US of A.  It is about GREED, not about reaching a wider audience, and it never has been.

Sure some Countries have different laws, but in this so called Global Economy, it just seem crazy that content providers aren’t reaching out to other countries, to have their stuff viewed. And you know, my Mother used to tell me, that a half of a loaf of bread was better than none.

So why is it that these Corproate Big Wigs think it is better to restrict who can see their stuff, unless they pay a bigger stipend for that privelege?

Now I get too, that trying to circumvent the border restrictions is not legal, and yes it is stealing, which I guess is one of the reasons why I don’t use a VPN. I mean I have nothing to hide, and honestly I just don’t need the hassle of losing my entertainment, simply so I can watch more but honestly this whole “Netflix Cracking Down” is not about protecting Content Producers, but about MONEY.

Technology has moved way past the current set of laws, governing such things as Copyright Protection, and about Restricting Content.

The internet was created or one simple thing:

To accelerate the free and open sharing of information.

Isn’t it time our lawmakers realized that, and drafter appropriate legislation to insure that we, the people, actually can find and share information without archaic restrictions, or an invasion of our basic right of privacy?  After all, that is exactly what a VPN does, it helps protect our privacy, and while I don’t think we should be ‘stealing’ content, I also don’t believe we should be restricting what we can see, or read, based on borders.

There are NO BORDERS on the Internet Highway, other than man made.

Netflix isn’t the evil culprit either, but it is the greed of the Content Producers that is fueling this supposed “crack down” but what about all the Corporation that steal our personal information, so they better market to us?  Seriously, everytime you go shopping or browsing online, you will soon find ads for those businesses on sites like CBC, like the Weather Network.

That is why there are VPN services, to help us fight Corporations that steal our private online activity.


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