Electoral Reform or Regression?

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Byelection called for four ridingsIt seems to be a hot topic these days, a change in our electoral process, so that “first past the post” does not apply, but instead goes to either a “proportional” or a “ranked ballot” system.

Just the names alone send shivers up my spine, because the reality is, why shouldn’t it be the one who garners the most vote in a riding, be declared the winner?

IF a political party can capture the majority of ridings, then shouldn’t they form the Government? Why do we have to change that, and No, the argument that the current system makes us feel Dis Enfranchised, is to me, utter BULLSHIT.

For the last ten years, I have been on the losing end, seeing a Harper Government take hold of Parliament, and I grant that it has nearly destroyed our Country, but that does not mean we should necessarily change HOW WE VOTE and HOW THOSE VOTES COUNT.

Proportional representation is based on the principle that the seats a party has in a legislature should reflect the percentage of votes cast for that party. So if a party earns 39% of the votes, it should get roughly 39% of the seats. In this way, proportional systems also aim to provide representation for most voters. (source: Every Vote Counts)

My problem with that is all of make choices, and that party that has the better platform, the more policies that appeal to a majority of votes, should be the one being elected.  Alternative views are those represented by the Opposition Parties.  In addition, consider that if you go by proportional votes, we wind up with a Parliament that is gridlocked, because in a multi party Parliament, it is doubtful any party will assume a 50 +1 majority.

I want a government that will act, not be hogtied to finding ways to compromise the very policies, principles that I voted for.

The argument is that those who didn’t get their choice, should somehow be allowed to have their votes elect someone who they believe in.  That is like asking the guy who finishes second in a relay race to share in the first prize money, or to have the team that lost the Grey Cup to somehow have the Cup engraved with their name as Co-Winner.

Plus, to say that those votes cast for the other parties, that failed to win, are somehow, unimportant, is really rather insulting.

The thing is, we don’t need to change the voting system, we just need to ensure that people vote, and you know, it really isn’t a “right” but voting is a privilege. It is what has been bought and paid for, by the blood of Canadians, whether it be on the Plains of Abraham, in the trenches of France, on the beaches of Normandy, or the mountains of Korea.  We paid for that privilege, and to now say that every vote doesn’t count the same, is really a slap in the face for those who fought and died for this country.

My other objection is that I am tired of compromise. If enough of us vote for a Party, that obtains a Majority, then why shouldn’t those policies be set into place for the life of their rule? Why should it be “compromised” simply because a certain number of people voted for “other polices”

Then there is the whole Majority vs Minority government. You know we had several Minority Governments that did good stuff, while adhering to their platform, things like oh, say Universal Health Care.

According to the so-called experts, voters will increase by under 10% if we change our system, which makes me wonder, what is stopping them now?

If we truly wish to have a Government elected by a true Majority of Voters, then we need to MAKE VOTING MANDATORY, which serious financial repercussions if one fails to vote.

Only then will we actually have a consensus on what ALL CANADIANS want.

My other complaint / objection is that all these so-called experts, disagree with a public referendum. They claim it will not help decide upon a real change, that it will be subject to mis-understanding.  In other words, they say we, the general voting public, are too stupid to understand what the new system is about.

Holding a referendum is unnecessary. Evidence shows that a referendum would not necessarily generate meaningful deliberation. It could turn consideration of complex issues and questions into black-and-white choices that polarize Canadians. Holding a referendum also sets up a process that would be biased toward the status quo, and yet the government has already promised to fix our broken electoral system. So now is the time to develop a process to consult Canadians about the best way to do that. (source: Every Voter Counts)

Sorry folks but that sounds to me like you have a lot to hide, that what you claim is not based on fact, or is truly about insuring that we elect a government that we want.  Majority Rules for a reason, but in our entire history, the voice of the minority is always heard. That is why we have Opposition Parties.

Note too, that is plural, “Opposition Parties” which is something that allows us to have a varied choice, not an “either or” choice such as the Americans have.

Like would you really like your only choice to be a Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton?

We need to stand firm, and REJECT the notion that somehow our system is outdated, broken. I did not vote for, or approve of the way the Harper Gang governed out Country, but it didn’t make me look for a new way to prevent them from gaining power. Instead it made me go out more, and talk more about the NDP, the Liberals, and yes, the Green Party. We need choices, not a new way to count our votes.

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