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It’s been awhile since we talked Jim, even though often I think of you and miss hearing your voice, your thoughts, your advice. You were such a good friend, and since you passed away just over two years ago, there is rarely a day that goes by, when I don’t think of you, and wish you were still here on this crazy planet.

And listening to the latest political news out of your Country, I wonder what you would be thinking, as you watch the likes of Donald Trump, Marc Rubio, Ted Cruz seek the golden ring of Nominee for the Republican Party.  I wonder, would you be disappointed that your former Governor, Jed Bush, failed in his bid? Or would you be smiling a little?

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz

Somehow I think you wouldn’t be all that disappointed in his loss, but I can just hear our phone conversations now as you see “The Donald” and “Texas Ted” vie for the chance to live in the White House come this November.  You know Jim, I have a hunch I would be needing to up my minutes of my phone, as I am certain we would be in constant debate over the state of Politics in the good ol US of A.

Bet I would have to buy extra popcorn for our late night sittings outside, this summer when you would be here for your yearly pilgrimage to our little corner of Heaven on Earth.  Course you would be enjoying how finally Canada turfed its own version of GW Bush and the religious wing nuts, that now dominate US politics and life.

The DonaldI can see you wince too, as you hear “The Donald” talk about immigrants, Muslims, and the use of Torture being ramped up. As a former Viet Nam veteran, a survivor of Agent Orange, I can just hear your voice stridently talking about how your Government is failing, when the likes of “The Donald” or “Texas Ted” can be the front-runners.  Or even how anyone who says he would deny Muslims entry to the US, when the United States was founded by Immigrants.

How did it all happen Jim?

Truthfully it boggles my mind, that the likes of Ted Cruz or Donald Trump or even Hillary Clinton could be so close to becoming President of your Country. I mean Ted is merely a slightly paler version of Donald, and Hillary has so many unanswered questions about her ethics, her morality, that it makes me wonder how they can even be considered as Presidential Material.

The Republicans were about small government, about strict adherence to the US Constitution, and yet here are the two top contenders, mixing Politics with Religion. How can that even be close to the old principles of the Republican Party?

I simply do not get how they can talk about torture being acceptable, in any form, no matter what. Surely the principles of due process still exist, or maybe that was just one more illusion. Honestly, do Americans really believe that the use of torture is a valid way of self-protection?

The whole Illegal Immigration thing confuses me too Jim.

How is it that so many businesses in the USA actually do not know if their employees are citizens or not? Surely a tip-off has to be that these illegal immigrants are willing to work for less money than most other people? Yet for some reason these Corporations are blameless, and the number of illegal immigrants just keeps growing? How is a fence going to stop that flow?

Trump the entertainer, or demagogue?I know when we debate issues, we get heated, but really, calling people names, making innuendo about the size of their Penis, is not what you and I call informed debate, is it?

Yet so many Millions of Americans are enthralled by the hate talk, the jabs, that have dominated the Republican Debates, it makes me wonder, do Americans really have their minds in the gutter that much?  I mean the way they rail against Pornography, but flock to see their future leaders talk dirty on the public airwaves, makes me wonder.

You know I have no objection to Porn, but does it make sense to claim a guy has a small schlong?

Shouldn’t the debate really be about standing up for values that matter, like protecting all citizens from bigotry, from racism? How can a front-runner like Donald Trump not know who David Duke is and when called on it, says it was a faulty ear piece and he didn’t hear the question properly?

I mean really Jim, how can anyone believe such an obvious pile of BS?

Yet so many Americans, seem to endorse the idea that only the White Man is entitled to those rights. I read that even a Muslim is voting for Donald, because of his economic policies. I mean really, the man proposes to ship all Muslims not natural citizens, out of the country, but this guy is willing to ignore that racists view, simply because Donald might improve the US Economy?

And we can’t forget “Texas Ted” and his belief that only those who believe in his brand of God, should be empowered and protected. That all others are well, going to purgatory anyhow, so why grant them any rights now?  Honestly, the guy is unbelievable, and here again, so many seem to love him. I mean remember the last Texan in the White House? The war in Iraq continues, so does the war in Afghanistan, and now there is Syria and Turkey, and who knows where it will lead to next, all because George wanted to get rid of Saadam.  How many hundreds of billions did Halliburton make, and worse than that, how many thousands are now dead as a result of his trumped-up war on Iraq?

Like really Jim, we have more irate Muslims, grabbing rifles, wrapping bombs around their chests, plotting ways to murder hundreds of innocent people, all because George W Bush wanted to take Iraqi Oil and make his buddies richer than they already were. You were right when you said there was no weapons of mass destruction, but no one else, not even dear sweet Hillary disagreed. Funny how so many keep forgetting that too, isn’t it?

Which also makes me wonder, how can people who live in states like South Carolina that is mainly Military show such support for the likes of Hilary and Donald?  I mean do they really want to be constantly fighting wars? It seems so, the way they supported those two, and lets face it, elect either of them and well, the war in Iraq won’t be over anytime soon. I still don’t get how Obama has allowed it to continue, after all isn’t he the Commander-in-Chief?  Why can’t he simply order the “High Command” to bring home the troops by such and such a date?

Sure I get it isn’t quite that simple, but honestly the majority of Americans want the endless war to end, so why can’t he do it? Then I guess it is as you said, the military complex just has too much clout in DC, and hey, as long as the billions keep flowing in, they can keep that war going. After all, it isn’t like they have to bribe Obama, they just need to buy off enough Senators and Congressmen to achieve that goal.  And with all those billions, well, no wonder nothing has been done to actually end that war.

There was an interesting piece somewhere, that said that all the candidates, save Bernie Sanders, were all Millionaires, and yet they all were long time public servants, well other than “The Donald”.  Makes you wonder how people like Clinton and Rubio and Cruz could get wealthy when supposedly your business is conducted in a blind trust. I mean the Clinton’s walked out of the White House and while supposedly nearly bankrupt, bought themselves a multi-million dollar plus home in New York state, and are now funding a second run at the Presidency for Hillary.

Like you said, follow the money, but give Hillary and Donald credit, they sure do know how to hide that trail pretty good, and worse, when discrepancies are noted, brought to light, no one seems to actually believe the numbers in front of them. Instead they keep on supporting them, just like so many still approve of Bill Clinton, who lied under oath. Like honestly, who cares who he was sleeping with, it is about him lying under oath, or should have been. Funny how so many of your Countrymen slide that under the rug.  I guess being a liar is okay.

We had that here too, with Stephen Harper, but hey, least we got rid of him, and am not fawning over those who seek to replace him, yet in your neck of the woods, it seems like you got rid of one and now are loading up the replacement pool with those who sure can spin a good yarn, where truth doesn’t even make it into the yarn.

I just don’t understand all the hate there is in your Country. If it isn’t against Muslims, it’s against Mexicans, or Blacks, or some other Minority like Gays.  It just seems so many are angry over there, I know you are, but you don’t hate people. Like I told you when you were last here, you are not the typical American, and I thank God, for that.

I really miss our talks, our visits, and I wish you were still around for them. It would be fun to be out in our “whisper room” and munching on popcorn, while solving the world’s problems. Then too, I would be having fun (at your expense) talking about politics and how if Donald or Hillary won, that we would gladly offer you the spare room.  Heck, we’d even sponsor you for citizenship if you wanted, and yeah I know, you might be tempted if Donald Trump managed to pull it off, and become the next President. Though knowing you, I know you would stick it out, hoping your fellow Americans would wake up and get rid of the guy at the next election. Assuming of course, there were still free elections in the USA after 2016.

Trump and Clinton in the delegate lead

But will that happen?

third place candidate Marc RubioYou know, the 200 minutes on my phone for anytime talking would be long gone by now, but then maybe I would just use David’s phone to talk to you with. Least his plan has unlimited minutes, and we could discuss Bernie Sanders and maybe even Mark Rubio.

Isn’t he the Governor, or was, for  your state of Florida? I mean would he be a better choice than either Cruz or Trump if those were the three you had to choose from? And I wonder, what would you think of about how suddenly Mitt Romney is out there, talking about stopping Donald Trump?  Think there could be a revolt at the nomination convention?

Are Americans that easily confused and misguided?

I leave you for now, with one last thought.  Where are all the other Presidents on the races? I mean surely George H Bush, his bumbling son George W, have some thoughts on who should lead the Republicans in November?  How about your friend the peanut farmer, Jimmy Carter? You would think he might have something to say about Donald or Ted?


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