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Posted by Moaning Mary on August 11, 2016 in Business |
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I should have known better, but heck it is about saving money and the local distributors didn’t have the part we needed, or that we thought we needed.  Turns out we needed something totally different for our Passat, but hey, it is a trial & error thing.

So we ordered this part, from BuyAutoParts off of eBay and I have to say, they sure send a lot of emails, and the item did arrive on time.  Only problem is, it was defective.  Once installed it didn’t work, so off we went trouble shooting other potential causes, including a new fuel pump, new plug wires, new plugs, and finally, we tried some stupid sensor thingee.

Well that didn’t seem to work at first, until the Mechanic suggested we replace all the parts

Long story short, removing all new parts, it turns out that the coil pack we purchased online, was the culprit.

And now the fun begins, as they won’t refund money on a defective part, that we actually no longer need, but will warranty it.  Course first the “Mechanic” has to call them, to confirm it was properly installed, which most likely is going to cost money. I mean do you see some Mechanic willing to take time from his work to call and wait for some “customer service” rep to answer and go thru the hoops, to show it was properly installed, without their being a charge?

Then, we get a replacement part, but here is the $64 question.  How are we going to know it will work and isn’t also defective?  [ Why install it of course, but… ]

This is the “hidden cost” of buying online.  I suppose we could simply have waited for the replacement part, let the car continue to sit while waiting for the proper paperwork to first ship the defective part back, then have the new one shipped to us, but hey, the longer the car sits, the more it costs in wasted Insurance, less we can enjoy the car  too. [ Hey it has air conditioning and its finally warmed up here ]

Now I do understand the need to insure the part was properly installed, but what I do not buy is that we shouldn’t receive our money back, once that is proved.  Nor do I quite buy the policy that when something is installed, well, no money back.

So if I buy a pair of pants, they are my size (so the tag says) and I come home, try them on and find they are not the right size, despite the tag, does that mean I can’t get my money back?  Uh no, I sure as hell can, because I have had that happen.

Plus, well I know that I will not order from this outfit again, no matter how much cheaper it is, or even if they are the only outfit around that has the part, in stock.  I will buy it from the local distributor, and pay more, just so I can get my money back if it’s a piece of junk.

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