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Posted by Moaning Mary on February 19, 2017 in The Daily Grind |
compassion over hate

Making asylum seekers feel safe That picture rather says it all, for me.

I grew up admiring the RCMP and while their reputation has been tarnished lately, there are still moments when you just have to feel the pride for them, and for our country.

If ever there was a clear difference between Canada and the United States, it is how we treat and deal with immigrants – we show COMPASSION, while the USA shows HATRED.

While President Trump and his Republican ass kisser’s look at ways to enhance their deportation of undocumented people, our Nation is looking at ways to help those who made the dangerous trek to what they hoped would be a new life, free of murder, free of Dictators, and free of war.

And yet, we are not perfect.

Even now, we have candidates for the Conservative Party spouting anti immigrant bull crap, simply to get votes from those who are easily frightened. Kelly Leitch and her utter nonsense of “Canadian Values testing” is one such distasteful policy.

Let us not forget Kevin O’Leary who is nothing but a showman, and frankly we can clearly see what happens when you elect a reality TV show host.

Like we need a Dictator wannabee?

The point is, Justin Trudeau needs to step forward, once more, and lead by example. He needs to commit resources to help these people who are so desperate, they will risk extreme weather to get away from the United States Dictator Trump and his utter racist policies.

For those who argue that we don’t need immigrants, that they steal our jobs, the simple truth is, WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS HERE, OTHER THAN OUR NATIVE CITIZENS.


All of us are immigrants, maybe not first or even third generation, but immigrants are what we were at some point in our history. And seeing our National Police help the new wave of potential immigrants come here, just makes me very proud to say


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