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Calling the kettle black

Posted by Moaning Mary on February 25, 2017 in Politics, World Affairs |

You have to love Donald Trump.

He is one of the few men who can spout falsehoods every time he opens mouth, yet it is the mainstream media (like CNN, BBC, and the New York Times) that is fake news.

I guess Goebbels was right, tell a lie long enough, loud enough, and people will believe it.

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The Distractions vs The Policies

Posted by Moaning Mary on February 23, 2017 in Business, Politics, World Affairs |
meet the press Trump style

There was a good point on a talk show over at MSNBC.

The point was that basically the mainstream media was dropping the ball on reporting the “real news” by being obsessed by the falsehoods and distortions of the truth by President Trump and his spokespeople. Most notably Kelly Anne Conway, Sean Spicer.

Does it really matter if President Trump insists that his inauguration crowd was the largest ever?

Does it truly matter that he believes there was a terrorist attack in Bowling Green Kentucky or Sweden?

Isn’t it more important to know that he rolled back funding for planned parenthood?

Isn’t it more important to note that his aides may have been talking with a foreign adversary during the election?

While I agree those obvious lies and falsehoods should be reported on, I wonder if the bigger picture isn’t being sidelined?

mass deportations under way

Thousands of words have been written about the false claim that only those “bad types” are on the top of the deportation list, why isn’t the media telling us how many of those in custody, those already deported fit that White House?

Shouldn’t that be the news, not the false claim that there are many many rapists, murders, illegally in the USA?

How about reporting just exactly what the cost is going to be for all these mass deportations?

Where is the money going to come from for paying for thousands of more ICE and Border agents going to come from?

Should those points not be front and center in any discussion on the Trump immigration policy?

I get that print media only has so much space, television has only so much air time, but there is the Internet. These outlets, The Times, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC all have a web presence, where there really are no constraints. I can type out thousand word post or ten thousand word one, if so inclined, so it begs the question:

Why Isn’t mainstream media using the Internet more to get the news out?

In depth coverage of issues like Immigration, like repeal and replace of the Affordable Care Act, of cutting off funding for Planned Parenthood, of ending basic human rights for Transgender People getting their light, at least online?

Yes, it is important to highlight the falsehoods, but online you can easily still show both. My argument is, why should those “lies” be front and center when real issues that impart people s lives not be center stage?

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Keep America Safe

Posted by Moaning Mary on February 22, 2017 in Politics, World Affairs |

It is a good mantra that plays to the fear many USA citizens have, not to mention that it helps deflect from the real problems facing the United States, including the rise of bigotry and racism.

So how do you keep America safe and secure from bad forces?


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This is what Canada IS!

Posted by Moaning Mary on February 19, 2017 in The Daily Grind |
compassion over hate

More refugees try to cross the cold snow drifts to avoid the anti-immigrant policies of the United States, it is good to know that we treat them as people. When our RCMP can stand Guard and help those in need, it gives one a sense of pride. More than that, IT DEFINES OUR COUNTRY vs THE UNITED STATES OF TODAY.

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New Era

Posted by Moaning Mary on February 16, 2017 in Politics |

Question :  When did a lie suddenly become the truth, and truth suddenly become fiction?

Answer :  When Donald Trump became President

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Who, What, Where, When, Why and How

Posted by Moaning Mary on February 13, 2017 in The Daily Grind |

Whatever happen to real news reporting? Today if you can’t say in 140 characters it rarely gets noticed. Is this really informing us so we can make rational decisions about our elected officials?

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The End Game

Posted by Moaning Mary on November 16, 2016 in The Daily Grind |
keep tryiung or not

Getting old is not what I envisioned it to be. Far from it actually but I wonder, if once you reach an age, it becomes pointless to try, or is the old saying of it never being too late, does apply? Guess it is something I will need to find out, or at least give it a try. Waiting for that final breath isn’t working.

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Buying Auto Parts Online

Posted by Moaning Mary on August 11, 2016 in Business |
shopping online

It is bad enough shopping in person, inconvenient and all, but you know, it can be better than when you buy something online, and have a headache. Least if you buy it from a local outlet, you can bitch to a manager and get your money back. Forget it if you buy from an ebay retailer, like BuyAutoParts.

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Spring At Last or is it Summer?

Posted by Moaning Mary on April 21, 2016 in Being a Sookite, The Daily Grind |
soaking up some sun

Gotta feel sorry for the folks over in Newfoundland Labrador. Here I am sitting out in the sun, in shirt sleeves while they are shoveling snow. Doesn’t seem fair, but heck, it is life and well, come on no such thing as Climate Change, right Stephen Harper?

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