Navigating the Abyss of Buying Anti Virus Software

Posted by Moaning Mary on November 27, 2015 in Business, The Daily Grind |

Shopping for a new anti virus program, that will protect me, is like taking a trip into the jungle, armed with a water pistol, that is empty. Review sites that are shills for one or more software makers, reports that are slanted, twisted, makes buying anything a total shot in the dark.

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Mistakes Happen But

Posted by Moaning Mary on January 24, 2014 in Business |
buying or renting

When mistakes happen, they can be aggravating, but surely if one happens, you do your best to rectify it, not ascerbate it. Forgetting to sign a cheque? Why does it seem like nothing but a stall tactic.

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Swimming with Sharks

Posted by Moaning Mary on January 24, 2014 in Business, Politics |
Consumer protection

Agents who help you buy a home, should get a fee, paid by you and not the seller, if you really expect to have someone work in your best interests. Flat fee, irrespective of the sale price makes more sense.

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The Flaw in Real Estate

Posted by Moaning Mary on January 21, 2014 in Business |
Running for election

Personally I think there is a serious flaw in how one goes about buying real estate, or for that matter in selling property. Maybe it is just me, but how can anyone represent your interests, when someone else is paying them to do it?

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Rack Up Debt to Get More Debt

Posted by Moaning Mary on January 13, 2014 in Business |
living beyond your means

Stupid is what I call it. Live by actually paying for what you need, not living beyond your means, and you get penalized for it. No wonder we have a nation where people are in hock over their heads, It doesn’t pay to live within your income.

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Rent or Own

Posted by Moaning Mary on January 12, 2014 in Business |
buying or renting

The dream of owning your own place becomes harder to realize, with each passing year. Costs keep going up, just to survive, while the ability to save grows dimmer, This is the new era, thanks to the Conservative management of our Economy.

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Got a Spare Loonie, Need to Mail a Letter

Posted by Moaning Mary on December 19, 2013 in Business |
cutting mail carriers to save money

With the CPP under attack, the higher cost of food, heating, and housing, why not throw an extra burden onto those who can least afford it, like our Seniors. Hey, they don’t vote Conservative, so why not simply stick it to them.

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The EU Free Trade Deal

Posted by Moaning Mary on October 20, 2013 in Business |
Canada signs free trade deal with European Union

Honestly I know if I was operating a business today, and suddenly could buy my goods cheaper abroad, I’d not pass the savings on. After all, the consumer is already paying the higher price, and my margins are low enough, so why not reap the benefit for myself? Sounds greedy, but is it or is it being practicle? Will consumers reap the benefits, or will business?

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Privatizing our National Books

Posted by Moaning Mary on June 28, 2013 in Business |

Sometimes you wonder, if when we finally rid ourselves of Stephen Harper and his band of sellout artists, if there will be anything left of Canada, for us to actually call our own. Now our national treasures, our books and archives, are being sold to the highest bidder, in secret. It really is becoming too much to stomach.

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