Mushroom Mozza Burger at Sooke A&W

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[icons icon=”icon-food” color=”#eeee22″ size=”120″] Seriously I think I am just getting too old for this world. I mean David and I decided to grab a burger from our A&W and decided to try the feature of the month or whatever, which was a Mushroom Mama Burger.

Now it should be okay, right? Course I expect too much for my $5 (versus $5.65 for a regular Momma Burger) but really, 3 overcooked burnt mushrooms, a few slivers of carmelized onions, just isn’t what I consider a tasty treat.

Think about it, we spent a total of $16 plus tax for three burgers.



For about $5 I can get a pound of lean hamburger meat, which would make three decent sized burgers.

Add some fresh mushrooms for about $2, which would be a fair amount of mushrooms, another $2 for some fresh baked kaiser buns from the bakery, and through in a couple of slices of deluxe cheese for under another $2 and I can cook up three tasty burgers, that aren’t burnt, have some flavor, have the works on it, on a bun that isn’t stale.

What chokes me up is, this is what we get, what we settle for, instead of actually demanding quality for the price we pay.

Sure it is fast food, but come on, have some class and serve something that is tasty and eatible, not just fast.  If the price was less, okay, but these days fast food outlets charge an arm and leg for utter crap.

And it isn’t business to blame, but us, the consumers because we don’t expect more, we don’t demand more, for our dollar. I don’t know, David and I work hard for our money and frankly we pissed away close to $20 because I simply was too lazy to bother with cooking dinner.

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Navigating the Abyss of Buying Anti Virus Software

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When I got my new computer last Xmas, it came with McAfee anti-virus program, that seemed pretty inclusive. I mean it let me protect all of my devices, without restrictions, which I thought was pretty cool.  When the trail period ended, it let me renew for a reasonable price for the year, about $20.

How things have changed in just a year

For starters, I have my doubts on just how good is the spyware and anti-virus protection with McAfee.  Hell I even wonder how good any of the programs are, but right now I know that when I run Malwarebytes, it finds a lot that McAfee didn’t even burp over.

User interface for McAfee


And then here comes “Sticker Shock” when they started to pester me about renewing the subscription.  For starters its like 90 days before its due, secondly its automatic renewal, unless I deselect something or other, that was not too hard to find, but certainly not bullet proof simple.

[lists style=”minus” color=”#dd3333″]

  • Price is $90 for one year
  • No information on other options
  • Program sells for $30 on McAfee website


What really sucked, is that when you go to their website, it’s nearly impossible to find out any information about renewals, unless you go to the support site, and even then it gets confusing, because well, there are more than one company, it seems.  Anyhow doesn’t matter, because when you click to send a ‘contact us’ email, the company I never heard of, is the one receiving the email.

Fills me with confidence, how about you?

So I sent then an email, asking why is the renewal price 3 times the price of buying the program, as it would make more sense for me to simply buy a new program, for $30 than give them $90. I can use the $60 elsewhere.

The reply simply blew me away, which basically said, gee we can’t see where you bought a renewal, so unless you can give us the details, you are SOL.  Oh and we closed your ticket too, which says to me that unless I paid them something, they aren’t interested in further discussion.

Now comes the fun part, hunting for a replacement Anti Virus / Internet Security program.

Sometimes I think we are forced to play Blind Man’s Bluff, because it is a nightmare to find out true unbiased reviews. Take one site, that tells me that the Editors Gold Choice for two years running is a program called VIPRE.  Now in reading the review, it sure as hell sounded like it would be an ideal replacement for McAfee and is not all that pricey either.  About $40 which is better than Norton at $80.

Plus they made me feel vindicated when they listed McAfee at the bottom, listing many of the issues I had with them as well, so my confidence was high in accepting their review.  BUT…

Independant Review


it seems they are the only one listing VIPRE so highly. In fact, in checking around this particle program gets at best, a medium ranking for all the things that this site claims they are Top Notch in.

But  (yes there is that word again) one of the sites who ranks VIPRE low, also ranks McAfee as the very best, saying it has the best user interface around, which i can personally say is utter BS.  So I mean, here we are, twirling around in some abyss trying to figure out, who is telling the truth, who is simply trying to sell me a product they get a good referral for.

[alert variation=”alert-info” dismiss=”dismiss”]Many sites get a fee for referring a sale, and many review sites, that is just how they make money, but it should not impact the actual review. If the item is crap, say so, but don’t go making it out to be the best, because you get a better return on sales from that outfit.[/alert]

After several frustrating hours, trying to find reviews on the various programs, I have come to the conclusion, that there simply is NO BEST ONE out there.  Least, if there is, it isn’t paying enough for a good review to all those so-called review sites.

Maybe that is being a bit unfair, but like I don’t want to spend $30 to Consumer Reports for a whole bunch of reviews on stuff I don’t care about, and still, how do I know they are above-board?  As to other ‘review sites‘ well Google and Bing are full of them, and yet it still comes down to the one question:    How do I know they are legit?

I thought the Internet was supposed to make life easier for us, instead it seems it has become a lawless land, where everyone has a license to steal.  We shouldn’t even need Anti Virus, Anti Spyware, programs, but then I am old, idealistic, and just well, fed up with all the consumerism and utter disregard business has for its consumers.



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Dollar Store that really is one

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corner discount store in Sooke

Sooke dollar store



There are two Dollar Stores in Sooke, but only one is truly a Dollar store.  I mean when most of your stuff is like $3 or $4 and even higher, how can you call yourself a Dollar store?

This ‘n That is really the only true Dollar store and is full of some interesting stuff.  Like they even sell bait, milk, and bread at a great discount.  Well not sure about the Bait, as I don’t fish, but hey, just about every store here seems to sell bait.  Wonder if having the Pacific Ocean as your neighbour is why?

Anyhow, thing is the folks running This ‘n That are fun to do business with. Something else about living in Sooke, the people just seem, well more friendly.  And let me say, the lady running this store is a real hoot. It is worth it to just for the fun of talking.  No one is in a hurry to grab your money and push you out, and it just, well makes you want to keep on coming back.

Yes the prices help, but it is also the people.

Like okay the bread is $1.30 a loaf, which is unreal given it is all Dempster products.  I love the cinnamon raisin bagels, but I refuse to pay $5, or more, at the grocery store.  This ‘n That has them (at times) for a mere $1.30.  Yes they are near the expiry date, but so what. Freeze them, take one out if you want, or just make sure you enjoy them in quick fashon.

Then too, feel like you wanted to try one of those speciality breads? Well I am not gonna splurge $4 or so bucks to find out I don’t care for it.  If I see them at This ‘n That I will, because what is a $1.30?

It really is a fun place, and like most dollar stores, they do have a nice variety of things. Socks for $5 that are in some stores for as much as $25 a pair, that are actually good quality. David has two pair, might get more, if they still have some.

Yes that is the downside to buying from a Dollar Store, the products aren’t always available.

Bottom line if you come to Sooke, well across from the Petro Canada station is a tiny strip mall, with This ‘n That in it, and heck, its worth the time to stop in and say hello.

wide range of goods at reasonable prices

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Entering the Slow Lane

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Okay, for starters I grew up in Edmonton, then moved to Victoria, and now I am calling Sooke home, and frankly, I much prefer life in the so-called “slow lane” of life.  Yes, Sooke is way smaller than either Edmonton or Victoria, and the shopping options are quite limited.

Example, we have two full-sized grocery stores, a few ‘pantry types’ food stores in the gas stores and other, and believe it or not, but we only have three, yes THREE, fast food outlets here.  That alone is worth a huge shout of Joy (more on that in later posts).  Oh come on, you know those fast food chains are nothing but money pits, that offer total crap which is passed off as being food.

So this little category, is about what is here in Sooke, and well, what does one do in a community of under ten thousand people?

Grocery Shopping is easy, there are only two real choices, Western Foods and Village Market, but you know, I prefer Village Market for its meat, while Western is better for its baking.  Village also gets the nod for Produce, but I also like it for the entertainment value.

What can I say, but the eye candy is nice, and well, it also has a bigger selection.  Plus, on occasion one can get some damn good violin music to go with one’s shopping.

Now this is going to surprise a few of you, but we do go shopping in Victoria (well Langford at some of those chain stores.) I am one of those comparison shoppers, and honestly it blows me away each time I check prices for such things like ground beef, canned goods, chicken, produce, etc. and I find that my two little grocery stores (Western & Villages) are actually CHEAPER!

Seriously, it makes one wonder just what is going on, when you can buy lean ground beef, or chicken thighs cheaper in a smaller outlet, that isn’t hooked up to some chain, like say Save On Foods,  SuperStore, Sobeys, etc.   It also gets one rather angry too, because it shows you, prices really are being RIGGED!

It also shows you, that truly the so-called “Market Place” really isn’t setting the prices, or that “Competition Breeds Lower Prices“.  Something we should think about, as we head into the upcoming Federal Election, and how the Harper Gang keep telling us how the “Market” sets the prices.

music to shop by

I do love some lively foot stomping music.



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Are we better off now, than ten years ago?

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food costs a lot more today

The Choices



Sometime this year, the Harper Gang will be calling a federal election, so perhaps now is a good time, to think back to ten years ago, and ask ourselves:  “Are we better off today, than we were before Stephen Harper became our Prime Minister?”

Maybe if you are the lucky FEW, who are in the upper echelons of income, maybe to you it feels like things are better. After all, you are the recipients of all those tax breaks, credits.  Course, a lot of you no longer are earning all those big paychecks, simply because your jobs have been outsourced to foreign lands.

IF you were in the upper brackets of income, maybe your business is now headquartered in some strange third world country, but not to fear, after all you still have the Corporate Jet, and lets face it, those tax cuts for travel expenses have to be worth an extra trip or two per month, right?

On the other hand, if you are truly part of the Middle Class, then maybe you might see things a wee bit differently. I know, I used to dream about being in those higher income brackets, but that hope seems to be fading, with each passing year of having a Harper Government in place.  Nor do I feel any safer in my own bed, than I did ten years ago, despite our Armed Forces now actively involved in foreign wars.

Not peace keeping, but in actual combat situations.

Course while they are off fighting in places like Iraq and Syria, battling those terrorists, their families are collecting food stamps, just to survive.  Nice way of showing appreciation, isn’t it?  But hey, least we are buying hundred plus million dollar jets, to help the American Economy.



While I totally disagree with the foreign policy of the Harper Regime, when it comes time to Vote, it is how my life is going, that matters the most to me, not what is happening thousands of miles away in Iraq or Syria. No matter how much I dislike the violence there, it is what is happening on my own doorstep that has me frightened, if we elect another term for this crop of Conservatives.

I remember paying less than $4 for a four litre jug of Milk, not nearly $6 like today.,  I remember paying less than $1.23 per litre of gas at the pumps, and I also remember paying a lot less than $5 for a pound of hamburger.  I also remember, that when it came time to balance the old budget, we had money left, and my other half earned about $4 an hour less than he does now.

Yet we managed to put money aside, not a lot, but at least some. I know we could choose our own Doctor, and that while medication wasn’t cheap, it certainly was affordable on what David and I earned.  We had a roof over our head, and maybe it wasnt the best rental house, but it had lots of room to spare. We could afford to go out for fast food, more than once every two weeks.  Two for One pizza was a lot less than $45 for large, and you know, even the MacDonald’s value deals, had a lot more to them, for under a buck, than today’s value deals at $2.19.

Funny isn’t it, but today we live from paycheck to paycheck, even though David earns over $4 more per hour, and I earn money too.  So maybe you tell me, am I better off ten years later under the astute leadership of Stephen Harper?



hard to eat what you want without big money



There was a time, when I could actually afford to buy Halibut filets, that were caught here in BC.  Now, even that is a pipe dream, unless David walks to work, some 45km away.  Sure he could take the bus, but uh, that too is now around $5 each way.  Hey, why not work an extra half hour just so you can get to and from work? (Assuming you earned minimum wage)

I listen to Justin Trudeau, to Tom Mulcair, and Elizabeth May and I wonder, when was the last time they had to balance a family budget, earning just under $20 an hour?  When did any of them, including our illustrious leader Stephen Harper, have to choose between paying the electric bill, or buying medicine for an aging parent?



Grocery shopping today isn’t about choosing what groceries are best for us, but what is affordable. Thanks to the gutting of CIFA, (by Stephen Harper) least we can pay less for expired foods, which we never could do, ten years ago. Course back then who heard about recalls for this cheese, this meat, this canned good, but hey, that is the price of progress, under the Conservative mantra of letting Business Self Regulate.

You know, back in the sixties, My dad was the sole income earner. Yet we managed to save enough to buy a home, to let Mom stay at home and raise me. We managed to go on actual vacations, without having to mortgage our souls to pay for the gas. And yet back then, minimum wage was like $2 and something, and oh yeah, there was no National Health System either.

Funny, how when they talk numbers, they use the term  ‘on todays dollar value’ and claim that inflation is like under 2% and yet all I know is that a package of all beef hotdogs, is $6, and for ten not twelve dogs. I know that chicken breast, bone in, is over $5 a pound, when we used to buy it ten years ago for $1.80.  I know that drumsticks were  69 cents a pound, not $3 a pound.



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Vote Splitting vs Strategic Voting

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All four Federal Political party logos

As the upcoming Federal Election draws closer with each passing minute, there are a large number of people suggesting that Voters ignore their preferences, and do some Strategic Voting.  That being that a person who opposes the rule of Herr Harper, not vote for the party they support, but instead actually vote for another party, if that party candidate stands a better chance of defeating the incumbent Conservative member.

It sounds good, as they argue that by concentrating our voting power to someone who is allegedly capable of defeating the incumbent Conservative, will insure we oust the Harper Gang.   Frankly, I do NOT support that plan, nor do I actually buy into their argument that Harper stole the election because many who were unhappy with the leadership of Michael Ignatieff, they still voted Liberal, or stayed home.

So let me see, somehow Jack Layton nearly made history by becoming the first NDP Prime Minister and I do not accept that he failed at achieving that, because disaffected Liberal supporters didn’t cast their ballot for the local NDP candidate in some of those key ridings.



The real reason Harper got elected is quite simple, he had enough of HIS supporters actually get off their asses and turn up on Election Day.   Honestly, it really is that simple. Say what you want about Stephen Harper and his gang, but they did manage to scare a lot of Canadian Voters into staying home, especially in those key ridings, where he took the ridings, because the opposition failed to match his prowess in getting people energized to get out and vote.

I cannot, nor will I ever, support the idea of voting for a candidate simply because some pollster says they are the best able to defeat the sitting Member for any riding.  Honestly, history has proven that what some pollster says, or predicts, is not always quite how it turns out. The variables are really just too great.

And let me say too, if you want proof, how about in the last BC Provincial Election (2013) in the Oak Bay/Gordon Head riding.

Ida Chong was not just a sitting member of the legislature, but a former well-respected Mayor of Oak Bay. She was a Cabinet Minister and in the previous election, the NDP candidate, Jessica Van Der Been came within a few hundred votes of toppling her.  In 2013, once again the NDP candidate, Jessica Van Der Been, was considered the obvious choice to defeat Ida Chong.

Funny thing happened on the way to anointing Jessica as the new MLA for OakBay/GordonHead.  The Voters actually opted to go for someone who spoke on the issues, who campaigned door to door, who actually had volunteers who could answer questions, and guess what.

Despite all the press, all the ads telling voters to not split their vote, the people of Oak Bay / Gordon Head actually went and ELECTED the first Green Party Member to the Legislature.

Seems the old-fashioned idea of actually voting for the person who the voter feels can best serve them, worked. Andrew Weaver has been a strong advocate for doing what is right in the BC Legislature, despite the lack of support from the opposition NDP, or the Liberal slash Conservative government of Christy Clark.



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Bill C51 | If it is flawed, how can anyone support it

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Justin Trudeau

I do not understand our Opposition Parties anymore.  If Bill C51 has serious errors, such as the placing of our freedoms at risk, how can they support it?  Sure, some parts may indeed be needed, but if it can destroy our basic rights, fail to protect our freedom of thought, of privacy, of speech, how can they justify supporting it, simply because it does have some protection for our physical safety?

[blockquote cite=””]Harper’s proposed law is riddled with problems: it would give unprecedented power to spy agencies to surveil ordinary Canadians, extend the RCMP’s powers to detain people who have committed no crime, and criminalize certain kinds of speech.[3] Even the Globe & Mail, who endorsed Harper at the last election, has said that the law would create a “secret police” in Canada and must be blocked.[4][/blockquote]
If there is NO real oversight, no checks in place, how can any party support it?

Are they really that afraid of the Conservative Attack Ads, or so Unsure of how to explain their own position?

Do they even have a position on how to protect us?

What we really need is to start running candidates who have some guts, who aren’t afraid of Stephen Harper and his bully tactics. Makes me wonder if any of our current crop of Leaders have that capability.

Can Tom Mulcair, Justin Trudeau, or Elizabeth May stand up to the bully boy, Stephen Harper?

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DLink AC1900 | Love It and Hate It

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So we upgraded our DLink router to a newer one, that supposedly has greater range, is new technology to make our lives easier. Hey, least that was the plan, until the nightmare starts when one has to configure the damn thing, and it doesn’t quite work out of the box, as claimed.

Don’t get me wrong, I have had more success with using a DLink router, than with any other brand. I have tried Cisco, and Linksys, and neither lasted very long.  On the other hand, I still have my original DLink router, and the one that I replaced it with.  That one didn’t fail, really, but I needed one with a bit more range, for the WiFi.

So we got this AC1900 that kind of looks like something out of Star Wars.  The Antennae are rather weird blades, that look like airplane propellers (remember those? If so, you in my age group) Now some of the info on the router sealed the deal for me, like having the ability to connect an external hdd to the router, to creat my own personal private cloud storage.

Nice right? I mean the advertising blurb made it all sound so easy. You have two USB ports to use one USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 which means I could install two external HDDs so when I was outside in back, my laptop could access all my files.

Like who wouldn’t like that.

advertising for AC1900 router by DLink

What ticked me off, is that they don’t tell you up front that the size of the HDD you can use is limited.  By model too, as some other Routers can use higher storage HDDs but this particular device can only use an external storage device of 500GB.   Like I wish I’d known that, before I disconnected my 2TB Seagate from the computer and hooked it up to the router.

I would have saved hours of frustration, trying to figure out how to access it, only to find I couldn’t.  Worse is the damn MyDlink page, that has the set up info.  Like there really are no CLEAR PLAIN ENGLISH instructions, or even examples one can use to suss out the basic HOW DO I DO THIS.

Like I didn’t know you have to set a blasted name for sharing things, that you can create users with different names and passwords. Up to nine it says, but that is only after more fruitless hours of trying to figure things out. I mean the device shows up, but it asked for a user name and password, and like uh, where the hell do I go find that, or create one?

Nor does it tell you, in PLAIN LANGUAGE, how to set up the router name (which I still haven’t figured out) and when I went to use the “Wizard” to set it all up with, it was like totally devoid of clear instructions.  Now if things had gone right, well I might not bitch so much, but every time I went to change the defaults, it would show them, then when clicked “save” it just sat there, like a damn bump on a log.  Nothing happened, nothing but using the defaults would be saved, or work.

And then there was the damn firmware upgrade, that also hanged up and then made the entire router unusable. No connection, and the computer couldn’t even talk to it.

Fortunately DLink does have “Live Chat Help” that got that sorted out, both issues. Was a total hassle, and perhaps wouldn’t have been needed, if the initial instructions had better details and used simple easy to follow words. Like I know what the local domain name means? Or how about the VPN connection, or MAC Address?

Now I have to say, that Live Chat Help came in handy.  Course finding the support page wasn’t all that easy, in wading thru the endless commercial of the website, but find it I did. And it did resolve both issues, but you know I gotta love the tiny little instruction booklet that came with the unit.

Specially the part where it tells you that you can find most answers to common problems on their website.

Hello, if I can’t connect to the internet, because the router won’t let me, how can I access your website?

If my old router had conked out, I’d be up the creek, and I suppose one could have just connected directly to the modem from the cable company, but still, why not put in a toll-free number to call? Or better yet, include a bit more clear and precise information on wha to look for, when things do not go as simple as they claim?


I really do enjoy my new DLink AC1900, but as much as I like it, I absolutely hate the way today’s business make things more complicated than they need be. Why get me all excited about hooking up an external drive that can be shared across my network, when there are limits to what kind of unit can be used?  Why have something I can download, that I have no idea what it is? The description says it’s a sharepoint device, that can hold two external devices, but uh, ‘download it?:

Bottom Line is, I like the router, it certainly does extend the range for my laptop and tablet, but I am still learning how to set it up, and that is something I abhor. I mean I got it Friday, today is Tuesday, and I still haven’t a clue on what I am doing, or what I am messing up, or not using properly.   Maybe by next Tuesday I will?


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Getting it Wrong | BC Medical Services

Posted by Moaning Mary on February 21, 2015 in Health Care, Provincial with Comments closed |
charging the poor for health care

You know, if you require Premium Assistance for your BC Medial Services fee, that you have to meet their requirement of Income.  They charge a flat fee of $72 per month, if you have a net income of $30,000.00 a year.   If you earn less, well you pay less, course if you earn a ton more, you still only pay the flat $72 a month.

Isn’t that fair? I mean if you are say the head of VIHA, earning a half a million dollars of taxpayer money, your BC Med premium is only $72 a month, if you are single. Course if you are a family of three, well you pay $144.00 per month, because that is what anyone earning $30,000.00 a year has to pay.

monthly fee schedule for BC Medical Services

Nice for those who are rich, sucks though if you are poor, but hey, it gets better.

Net Income according to BC Medical Services is not what most people think, or what most financial institutes think either. After all, BC Med is run by the Christie Clark Liberals.


It is an interesting definition, because it uses the Federal Government definition when trying to calculate your taxes, from all of your income.  Check out the form, they refer to it as Net Taxable Income.  Which makes sense. I mean if you have two jobs (like these days, don’t most of us need two jobs to live?) well you have to add those gross income amounts to give you one amount, that is subject to taxes.


Gross Income

what gross income means

Now according to these guys(Financial Dictionary), my definition of what “gross income” means, is the same. Too bad no one bothered to let BC Medical Services know about this site, and just what terms really mean, in the real world.

Course that isn’t what BC Medical calls it, when they assess what your monthly premium is.  They say your premium is based on your “Adjusted Net Income” which makes it sound good because well, “Net Income” (to me) is the amount earned, after the Government gets its greedy share of what I worked hard for.

what net income means

If you read that, according to the Financial Dictionary, your Net Income is arrived at deducting your taxes paid, or charged, from your Gross Income.  Makes sense, right?

So how come BC Med disagrees, and instead uses the amount you earned in total BEFORE TAXES as Net Income?

Maybe I am just old-fashioned, too old to really know how things are today, but at 59, I don’t think I am totally senile just yet. I started working with Mom & Dad, when I was just eleven years old, and have worked since. I spent the last ten years of my life, caring for my Mom, after Dad’s death, and I can tell you quite honestly.


What galls me, is that those who make up these guidelines, are those who can afford to actually pay for more, per month, than most of. Plus, it isn’t like we have a choice. If you live in British Columbia, you are REQUIRED to enroll in BC Medical Services.

no opt out of BC Med allowed

You know, Physicians can OPT OUT of our Health Care system, and can actually require US to pay their fees, though they do have to provide us with a form, to send in to get paid back for what BCMed covers.  I mean they get a choice on whether to be a part of the system, BUT WE WHO PAY FOR THE HEALTH CARE, DON’T HAVE THAT OPTION.

Andrew Weaver, Green Party MLA for Oak Bay/Gordon Head is trying to have this fee eliminated, which is a good idea. I mean, seriously the least who can afford the fees, are the ones who pay the bulk of the fees.  Not only that, but while there are lower fees, for those really financially challenged, there is no graduating scale to ensure that those who can MOST afford a monthly fee, pay one.

Nor is there any distinction as to whether you are single, a family of two, or a family of three or more.  The schedule is based on the same income level.  Seriously, there aren’t many in this Province where they aren’t two income families, so for them getting any assistance, is well, PIE IN THE SKY.

Perhaps I am senile, I was taught to believe in Government, because it was there to “serve the people” but somehow I just don’t see that being the case anymore. I mean we can spend millions to upgrade a computer system for BC Med, even make a name change, (imagine what that cost for new stationary and forms) but we can’t afford to let the low income earners get a break on their fees for health care.

It is rather strange too, that it takes an Independent MLA to come up with the balls to try to actually help the common people. Makes you wonder where the NDP is on all this, but I guess they are too busy trying to figure out how they can lose the next provincial election to the BC Liberals.









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